Below is a list of staff members of Expanse.

Administration Team

The Administration Team are the leadership of Expanse, creating new server features and ensuring the server runs smoothly.

Name Role
doot Owner
AJKinney Administrator
Axsasel Administrator
CreepersplaysMC Administrator
Eggioo Architect Coordinator
NatePlays_ Administrator

Moderation Team

The Moderation Team are the backbone of Expanse, keeping the hackers out, and the chat clean.

Name Role
lleen Moderator
Psuedoneurotic Moderator
Arianna__ Moderator

Architect Team

The Architect Team are the world painters of Expanse. They create all of our beautiful builds.

Name Role
Eggioo Architect Coordinator
JewlE Architect

Retired Staff and Old Friends

These people have assisted with, or are what led to the creation of Expanse, but are not currently actively involved. This list is here to thank them and acknowledge their valuable contributions.

Name Former Role
SteveTheDog (Jake) Former Owner / Founder of Flame Network
CraftyBr (Brazil) Former Admin / Sr. Admin on RPG