Mining is a non-combat skill centered around breaking blocks with a pickaxe. Experience in Mining is gained by breaking naturally generated blocks with a pickaxe, and exploding ore via Blast Mining. These blocks include but are not limited to ore, stone, and even Purpur bricks found in End cities. Each block has its own experience value.

Super Ability

Super Breaker

The Super Breaker ability is activated by right clicking on any block that can yield experience and then left clicking on said block. Doing either on a block which is not defined in the configuration (such as cobblestone or dirt) will not trigger the ability, and will not ready the ability.

When activated, Super Breaker will apply an additive +5 rank Efficiency enchantment to your currently held pickaxe and give you a chance at triple drops. E.g., if your pickaxe currently has Efficiency 5, activating Super Breaker will give you Efficiency 10 for the duration of the ability.

The duration of Super Breaker increases by 1 second every 50 (5 normal) levels, and starts at 2 seconds at level 1.


Blast Mining

Blast Mining allows you to use TNT to mine ore, without a risk of losing any of the ore. There's a few catches, though - it has a 60 second cooldown, and the TNT cannot be lit normally. To activate Blast Mining and simultaneously trigger the TNT, you need to move out of the 'block selection' range and then shift right click with the crosshair pointed at the TNT you placed. This will instantly trigger an explosion, rather than causing it to flash.

The benefits of using Blast Mining are a chance at triple drops, and guaranteed silk-touched ore. As you rank up your Blast Mining, you can also reduce the debris that drop (such as cobble) to almost nothing, as well as increase the blast radius of the explosion through the Bigger Bombs passive sub-skill. There's also a damage reduction from TNT explosions, via the Demolitions Expertise passive sub-skill.


Level Radius Damage Reduction Drop Multiplier Bonus Ore Debris Reduction
10 +1 0% 1x 35% 10%
25 +1 0% 1x 40% 20%
35 +2 0% 1x 45% 30%
50 +2 25% 1x 50% 30%
65 +3 25% 2x 55% 30%
75 +3 50% 2x 60% 30%
85 +4 50% 3x 65% 30%
100 +4 100% 3x 70% 30%

Double Drops

The Double Drops passive sub-skill provides a chance for naturally generated blocks you break with your pickaxe to turn into two blocks. To maximise this sub-skill's effect, it is advised to silk-touch ore that would normally turn into raw resource items (e.g., coal or diamonds) and then later place down said ore and mine them with fortune.

Please do note that this sub-skill's doubling effect only happens upon the initial mining of the ore; you will not receive double the ore again after it has been placed by a player. Meaning, only vanilla's fortune effect will apply to ores mined after being placed by a player.


Level Chance
1 1%
100 100%

Bigger Bombs

Unlocking Bigger Bombs extends the radius of your Blast Mining explosions.


Level Radius
10 +1
25 +1
35 +2
50 +2
65 +3
75 +3
85 +4
100 +4

Demolitions Expertise

Demolitions Expertise reduces the damage you take from TNT explosions.

Damage Reduction

Level Reduction
10 0%
25 0%
35 0%
50 25%
65 25%
75 50%
85 50%
100 100%