Taming is a skill that levels up as you tame animals.


Beast Lore

Will print out information about (inspect) a wolf or ocelot when 'left click' is used while holding a bone. You can not hit a wolf or ocelot while holding a bone at all. (Why would you want to)

Call of the Wild (CoTW)

Summon an Animal to your side. Dog/Wolf Cat/Ocelot (pre-1.14) Horse


Critical chance that applies Rupture (Rupture via Swords)

Environmentally Aware

Phobia of Cactus & Lava Fall DMG Immunity

Fast Food Service

Chance for wolves/dogs to heal when they attack.


Wolves / Dogs have a chance of knocking back foes.

Thick Fur

DMG Reduction, Fire Resistance

Holy Hound

Heals when 'hurt' by magic and/or poison.

Shock Proof

Immune / Resistance to explosion damage.

SharpenedClaws / Sharpened Claws

Generic DMG Boost