Unarmed is a combat skill which allows players to use their fists as if they were a proper weapon. Experience in Unarmed is gained by dealing damage with your fists to mobs, or players. The experience gained is based on how much damage you deal to a mob, or player. In addition to this, each mob has its own experience multiplier.

Super Ability: Berserk

The Berserk ability is activated by right clicking with no items equipped, whilst you have a block or mob 'selected' in your crosshairs and then left clicking. Clicking when your crosshairs are aimed at something yet not selected (e.g., a faraway block) will not trigger the ability, nor ready the ability.

When activated, Berserk has a few benefits. Firstly, if you left click on stone bricks they will change into cracked stone bricks. Secondly, blocks with no blast resistance (leaves, grass blocks, dirt, etc.) will break much faster with your bare hands. Thirdly, you receive a +50% damage boost on top of your current level's damage boost.

The duration of Berserk increases by 1 second every 50 (5 normal) levels, and starts at 2 seconds at level 1.

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Arrow Deflect

The Arrow Deflect passive sub-skill provides a chance to both deflect an arrow, and cause said arrow to ricochet back and hit your attacker. The chance to cause an arrow to be flung back at your attacker is much lower than that of a normal deflect.

When this sub-skill unlocks at level 200 (20 standard), it only has one rank but the chance to deflect continues to increase every 100 (10 normal) levels.

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The Disarm passive sub-skill provides a chance to disarm your opponent in a pvp fight. This has no effect in pve; e.g., you cannot disarm a skeleton. This sub-skill can cause a player to drop anything currently held in their main hand, from blocks, to food, to weapons. Said item will drop on the ground, where you or your opponent will have a chance to pick it up.

This sub-skill has a maximum chance of 33%, which is attained at level 1000 (100 normal). It is unlocked at level 250 (25 normal).

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Iron Arm Style

The Iron Arm Style passive sub-skill provides extra damage to mobs and players you attack with your bare hands, which increases based on your Iron Arm Style rank. By default, this sub-skill adds +4 damage (2 hearts) at rank 1. Note that this is raw damage, prior to armour calculation - think of it like the +4 damage displayed on a wooden sword. Your rank increases at a configurable level threshold.

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Iron Grip

The Iron Grip passive sub-skill which exists solely to provide you with a chance to negate another player's Disarm skill. Iron grip has a 100% chance at level 1000 (100 normal), which will effectively make it impossible for you to be disarmed.

This sub-skill is unlocked at level 600 (60 normal) and starts with a 60% chance to not be disarmed. It increases by 1%, every 10 (1 normal) levels.

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Limit Break

The Limit Break sub-skill is intended to make Protection IV players less tanky and for you to feel more powerful for having a high skill level. Limit Break has 10 ranks, each rank gives 1 extra raw damage, this is damage before reductions from armor and enchantments. The net result is you deal about 50% more damage with an end game skill compared to before. At max rank, you can two-hit a player in normal diamond armor, whereas it takes around five hits to kill a player in Protection IV diamond Armor.

The limit break sub-skill is unlocked at level 100 (10 normal).

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